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    NBA Portland Trail Blazers vs. Orlando Magic (-7)

    Magic covering spread enjoy the money
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    NBA Philadelphia 76ers (-7.5) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

    Cavs upset incoming
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    NBA New York Knicks (-1) vs. Charlotte Hornets

    Knicks all day
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    NBA Charlotte Hornets vs. Minnesota Timberwolves (-7.5)

    Incoming hornets upset
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    NBA Portland Trail Blazers vs. New Orleans Pelicans (-2.5)

    Portland has been hot and winning me some good $ staying with them.
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    NHL Ottawa Senators vs. Colorado Avalanche (-290)

    Colorado has been hot easy win for them!
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    NHL Carolina Hurricanes vs. Dallas Stars (-130)

    Taking Carolina +1.5 because how well they have been playing
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    NCAA Basketball North Carolina Tar Heels (-1) vs. Wake Forest Demon Deacons

    North Carolina is looking better with come Anthony back should be able to cover.
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    NBA Atlanta Hawks vs. Orlando Magic (-6)

    Games away in Orlando Magic favor of match up but will be a good game and I’m taking the odds on the Hawks for the upset 😈
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    NBA Portland Trail Blazers vs. Utah Jazz (-8.5)

    Forgot to say ez for Trail Blazers
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    Astralis vs NaVi Astralis coming off a tough loss vs coL doesn’t want to lose and get knocked out but did not perform well NaVi played decent couldn’t close out, let vitality walk all over them. this matchup is a toss up honestly gonna go with Astralis to win. But I’m taking NaVi for my purp...
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    Day 3 another +$950!!!!

    Big hit goodshit!
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    Esports Ground Zero vs Paradox (WESG 2019 Oceania FINALS)

    Ground Zero is coming into the match with 1 -0 lead and has been on a huge loss spree i don't think Paradox will stand much of a chance but is a b05 so we shall see
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    Day 1 of the site +$550

    Goodshit nice win!
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    Yahoo NHL Main Slate 1/30/2020