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  1. Chad


    Astralis vs NaVi Astralis coming off a tough loss vs coL doesn’t want to lose and get knocked out but did not perform well NaVi played decent couldn’t close out, let vitality walk all over them. this matchup is a toss up honestly gonna go with Astralis to win. But I’m taking NaVi for my purp...
  2. Chad

    Esports Ground Zero vs Paradox (WESG 2019 Oceania FINALS)

    Ground Zero is coming into the match with 1 -0 lead and has been on a huge loss spree i don't think Paradox will stand much of a chance but is a b05 so we shall see
  3. Chad

    Yahoo NHL Main Slate 1/30/2020

  4. Chad

    Yahoo NBA Main Slate 1/30/2020

  5. Chad

    FanDuel NHL Main Slate 1/30/2020

  6. Chad

    FanDuel NBA Main Slate 1/30/2020

  7. Chad

    DraftKings NHL Main Slate 1/30/2020

    7 PM
  8. Chad

    DraftKings NBA Main Slate 1/30/2020

  9. Chad

    Esports Liquid vs MIBR ( BLAST PREMIER SPRING SERIES 2020) 1/31/2020

    Match time is 2:30 PM EST. Liquid a huge favor in this and most likely will take the win if they show up and play to there full potential. BUT BRAZILLIANS NEVER GIVE UP! So I’m betting on MIBR 🤑🤑
  10. Chad

    Esports FaZe vs NiP ( BLAST PREMIER SPRING SERIES 2020) 1/31/2020

    Match time is 10:30 am. Should be a great match with the odds favoring FaZe as they have a more veteran roster, I think NiP has a great young team with a lot to prove so a big chance for an upset!
  11. Chad

    Esports Copenhagen Flames vs DreamEaters (LEGENDS.BET L33T CUP Semi-Finals) 1/30/2020

    Match time is 1PM. Odds highly favoring the Copenhagen Flame If somehow they End up playing dust 2 and mirage I think dreameaters could possible take this win but will be a long shot.
  12. Chad

    Welcome to Bet-Hub!

    Welcome to Bet-Hub! We’re hoping to build the best community we can to help each other out or even give some insight on the day or even win your first fantasy league! Hope you guys enjoy your stay if there’s any questions anything don’t be afraid to shoot any of the staff a PM!